The five African tech start-ups making a real difference in 2020

It goes without saying that technology plays a fundamental role in our lives today. From the moment we wake up we check our phones for text messages from friends and family or latest updates from Facebook, Instagram or perhaps Snapchat or TikTok if you’re a youngster born after the 2000’s. If we feel ill weContinue reading “The five African tech start-ups making a real difference in 2020”

How to set meaningful life goals today and take control of your life

Wondering how to plan your life or set meaningful goals? This article by describes in detail how to set goals, what type of goals to set and how to achieve them.

Four networking sins committed in the digital age

If you have ever wondered how to network effectively in today’s digital age where everyone knows of each other, either directly or indirectly, then this brief article will hopefully be of interest to you. The trick to good networking is to work the floor, seek out the right people, avoid time wasters and avoid theseContinue reading “Four networking sins committed in the digital age”

Why do B2B businesses struggle with marketing?

The UK’s B2B market, estimated at £96.5bn by the Office for National Statistics, is a dynamic sector playing a fundamental role in the UK economy. The sector is composed of both large and small businesses selling both products and services in the UK and abroad.  It is obvious that both small and large B2B businessContinue reading “Why do B2B businesses struggle with marketing?”

How to use video to engage your website visitors

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a surge in the number of businesses looking to add videos to their online content mix. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video Should you use video content on your website? The statistics say yes. Video content is predicted to makeContinue reading “How to use video to engage your website visitors”

The sensational growth of the UK Ecommerce market and how to get involved

You’ve probably heard the serious concerns about the state of the UK’s high street, with various well-established retailers such as House of Frasers, Debenhams, Habitat, Woolworths to name a few, struggling and some even shutting up shop over the last decade. The underlining issue affecting these retailers has been the incredible rise of ecommerce asContinue reading “The sensational growth of the UK Ecommerce market and how to get involved”

A boring website? Lacking engagement?  Spice it up with these 4 tips!

Having worked for several creative/digital agencies and talked to friends working in other agencies, I’ve come to notice the importance agencies place on the workplace and especially in creating a fun, yet professional and stimulating work environment. At the same time, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of attention that is paid to theContinue reading “A boring website? Lacking engagement?  Spice it up with these 4 tips!”

Is it possible to recharge in a fast-moving, international city?

A lot of people believe that in order to recharge your batteries you need to escape to the country side, but what about visiting a international, ‘touristy’ city? Can you still really recuperate?